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What makes White Rose Villas different?

Added: Mar 13, 2019
Category: Advice for home owners

The White Rose Villas team explains what makes our service different – and how we go beyond the expected.


White Rose Villas delivers first-class property management services in the Kissimmee, Davenport, Orlando and Central Florida areas.

Our services go beyond the expected to offer home owners a truly tailored service that maximises the rental income our clients achieve.  But what makes us different?             

  #1. Three different payment plans – choose the one that works for you

We offer our guests three different ways to access our services:

·       Pay as you go – no monthly fee, just pay for the services you consume

·       Property essentials – low monthly fee that covers essential services, plus access to discounted rates on our other services

·       VIP – an all-inclusive approach to property management, so you know exactly how much you’ll be paying each month

This choice gives you the ability to match our services to your own unique requirements.  We believe we’re the only property management to offer this kind of flexibility.             

  #2. Expert marketing support

Our team thoroughly understands the Central Florida vacation rental market.  We put this expertise to good use in our marketing campaigns. 

We support you online, with direct marketing, and on all the major listing sites – to help you raise occupancy rates and maximise the rental revenue you receive from your home.            

  #3. Quality customer service and guest relationship management

Our team don’t stop at the end of the working day.  We respond quickly so guest enquiries are answered in good time – helping you to convert as many enquiries as possible into bookings.

Our team go the extra mile to ensure your guests enjoy their vacation at your home – resolving any niggles, protecting your home’s good ratings and laying the groundwork for profitable return bookings.

We’re also on hand to answer your questions whenever you need us – just pick up the phone or drop us a message on email:              

  #4. Commitment to continuous improvement

We always welcome feedback on how we’re doing – whether from home owners or guests.  Indeed, many of our policies have been developed over time based on guest feedback.

Our commitment to continuous improvement doesn’t stop at our own processes; we also help you to improve your home.  If you want our advice, we’ll work with you to increase rentable values and maximise occupancy rates – helping you get the maximum return on your investment in your vacation home.

This isn’t a one-time effort; we don’t want to see dwindling returns on your home any more than you do.  That’s why we also offer an annual review of your home and its rental income performance – helping you protect its value in the long-term.

Why choose White Rose Villas to manage your Orlando property?   

  • *  Flexible services and payment plans
  • *   Expert marketing support
  •  * Great customer service
  •  * Continuous improvement

Find out more by getting in touch with our team today.  Email us at:

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