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Not Renting Out? We can look after your home anyway!

Added: Nov 13, 2019
Category: Advice for home owners

Did you know that all Central Florida homeowners can use our property management services, even if you don’t rent out your vacation home?

We have a small, but growing, number of householders who use our property management services for their own vacation home – even though they have taken the decision not to rent it out.

This way, we can keep an eye on the property for them while they are out of the State.

Increasing numbers of homeowners are realising it’s a great way to unburden themselves from the day-to-day nitty gritty of property upkeep while keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

How does it work?

We attend the property every week that it is unoccupied and do a quick walk-through inspection of the property and the pool area.

If we notice any problems (e.g. insects, leaks, cracks, etc) we’ll let you know straight away.  Usually, we’ll provide photographic evidence with recommendations about what action to take.

You decide whether you would like us to arrange for maintenance services or ground crew to undertake any work and we bill you through your monthly statement.

If there aren’t any issues, then we’ll let you know the property has a clean bill of health.

We’ll continue carrying out these walk-through inspections every week that the property is left unoccupied.

Why is it a good idea?

Our team can spot any issues before they escalate and become problems.  For example, if there’s a pipe leak, you need to know about it before it causes serious damage.  Or, if a roof tile has been blown off, you’ll want it replacing before your home sustains water damage.

It’s easy to see how catching a maintenance issue before it becomes a problem has the potential to save you hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars.

For this reason, a growing number of householders are choosing to opt for our property management services despite not renting out their home.  Could we help you look after your property when you are out of the Sunshine State too?

What happens when I want to use the property?

Simply let us know the dates when you’ll be using the property and our walk-through inspections will cease during the period the property is unoccupied.

Unless you wish to meet up with us for a property update – in which case we’ll be glad to drop by and say “hello!”.

One of the services our homeowners really appreciate is our housekeeping services.

By prior arrangement, our housekeeping team can visit your property a day before your arrival to complete a thorough clean of all the rooms and pool area.  We can even drop off a welcome pack for you at the same time if you like.

This is a highly valued service by our homeowners because it means they step off the plane into a waiting taxicab, pull up at their home and its lovely and clean and fresh – ready to enjoy.

There are no nasty surprises when you turn up, no bug infestations to resolve, no need to spend the first day of your vacation mopping floors or cleaning out the fridge – just a lovely, fresh, clean vacation home; the way it should be.

How much does it cost?

It’s really reasonable to use our property management services whether you’ve chosen to rent your home out or not. 

We’ve priced the service very competitively for homeowners who have made the decision not to rent their home, because we understand that all the little extra costs of homeownership can soon add up.

It’s just $100 per month for our weekly walk-through service.

If you do need maintenance, lawn care, pest, or housekeeping/ cleaning services, these are charged at the normal rate (please ask us for a current price list) and are only ever undertaken and charged when you’ve given us prior approval.

How do I sign up?

Give our team a call today, tell us what you want to put in place, and we’ll talk you through the options.  Ask, and we’ll send you an up-to-date price list and the necessary paperwork to sign up with us.


UK:0333 3321411

About our housekeeping and property management services

White Rose Villas offers first-class housekeeping and property management services in the Orlando and Central Florida area. 

The majority of our property management services are used for vacation lets – we manage house turnovers between vacation rentals and take care of essential maintenance.  We also offer advice for maximising your rental value and associated home décor/ makeover se

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